Thursday, July 23, 2009

Two Weeks Notice

My husband and I put in our two weeks notice last Monday. Now tomorrow is our last day working at our current job. We have an opportunity to intern up in Washington with his dad's company for the month of August. It will be a unique experience we did not want to miss out on. The change of scenery will be refreshing.

I am having mixed feelings about tomorrow being our last day. I am extremely excited, because we have been working here since September and I'm looking forward to a change. Although this has been the perfect job while being a student, I look forward to new opportunities now that I am a college graduate. For this reason, I am celebrating the fact that tomorrow is our last day of work.

On the other hand, I am feeling somewhat sad that tomorrow is our last day. Tomorrow will probably be the last day my husband and I will have the same job, and enjoy the privilege of working together outside of the home. It has been so fun to come to work together, and know all of the same people. I love being able to see my husband all day long. I feel sorry for young married couples who hardly see each other early in their marriage because of work. I am grateful that we have had the opportunity to work together our first several months being married.

I am also feeling a little bit anxious, both in a good and bad way. I'm anxious to move on! Yes I'm anxious about what is next, since I have not figured that out yet. My husband received a phone call this morning and was offered the best/highest paying job on campus. He is really excited for the opportunity, it will be perfect for his schedule and fun. I am feeling less anxious knowing that he has his future plans squared away. However, I don't know what is next for me yet. I know I will be able to figure it out, I always do. I would just be nice to have things planned in advanced like my husband does.

Have you ever worked with your husband? What "two weeks notice" memories do you have?


  1. Hey AnaLee!

    I've been checking out your blogs and I just wanted to say that I find them to be really interesting and fun to read! Even though I'm not married (ha) it's fun to see what newlywed life would be like.

    I remember putting in my 2 weeks notice at Jimmy John's. It was kind of an awkward situation because they really wanted me to stay, but by that time I had already made up my mind and was glad to be leaving.

    Anyway, I'm excited for you! New beginnings are always strange but it's fun to imagine the potential. Good luck!

  2. Good luck and I am sure things will work out they way they should! Enjoy this time and freedom while you can:)


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