Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Night Date Night

It is Friday! Typically we plan on going out to dinner together on Friday night, but we went Wednesday this week to celebrate being married 8 months on the 8th of the month. :) I know we're silly, but it was a fun excuse to go out on a weekday.

We always try to plan something together for Friday Night Date Night. However, we are postponing our date night this week until Saturday night because we are going to go to West Side Story at the Scera Outdoor Shell! I love going to musicals there! My husband and I went to Beauty and the Beast at the Scera Shell in May. We brought tons of blankets to lay down and keep us warm. Then we snuggled up and enjoyed the show under the stars. It was seriously romantic, and so fun. I always enjoy weekends that we have something extra fun (a little more than just dinner out) planned.

If you're married, do you try to plan a date night every week? What is one of your favorite dates? I'd love to hear your ideas.

When we got married, as part of my wedding gift to my husband I gave him the book "How to Date Your Wife" by Stan Cronin. I'm not going to lie, I have read this book more than he has. But it has some great ideas in it! He breaks down his dating ideas into categories: daily, weekly, quarterly, yearly, and 5-year. Breaking it down like this helped us understand the importance of planning ahead and making certain occasions more special. He recommended planning your quarterly dates 3 months in advanced, so that you get to spend the 3 months working up to it getting excited about the anticipation. The same goes for yearly dates (or anniversary dates), and that starting to plan a year out helps make the occasion more special.

There is one idea in particular that I want to share with you. I loved this idea so much, that I took time to read it with my husband. Cronin has this great idea about saving up for a special 5-year date. I mean really special, like Europe or Hawaii trip special. When I first told my husband that was something I wanted to plan on, he got that anxious "how in the world would be afford that as a young and poor couple" look. BUT when you break it down to setting aside $15-$20/week a big celebratory trip is totally do-able.

Since we've hit 8 months and don't have anything planned for 1 year yet, I've been trying to come up with some smaller ideas (compared to Hawaii) that we could look forward to... any suggestions?

Where have you gone on cool trips to celebrate special occasions?


  1. For our one year anniversarry we spent the night in Midway at the Blue Boar Inn. We ate dinner at Zermatt's all you can eat seafood buffett, which is pricey but totally worth it! And we went on an early morning hot air balloon ride. It was really fun. I love the idea of a big 5 year date. I'm totally going to get that book. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. We stayed at the Blue Boar Inn the night we were married, how funny! I loved that place, it's so beautiful there. A hot air balloon ride would be so fun!


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