Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's a Man's Job

It's that time of year. The time of year where I change my car tires to studded snow tires.  My sweet husband made an appointment for me to go to Les Schwab to do both my tire changeover and the free alignment we won from them at the BYU football game on Saturday.  My appointment starts about now.  I went a little early and learned that it will take and hour and a half!  What the!?  I don't have an hour and a half to sit around at the tire place, and no one is available to pick me up.  How sweet of my husband to schedule it when he isn't around to help me (by making sure I'm not stranded), and even sweeter that he didn't tell me it was going to be an hour and a half!  haha, I don't really mind I'm just giving him a hard time.  I came home because (1) I didn't have a cell phone to entertain me that whole time, and (2) we all know it always takes longer than they say.  Besides....isn't this a man's job?  I thought I was off the hook once I got married ;)

Again, I am just teasing.  But seriously, it got me thinking about things that are the "man's job" versus the "woman's job."  What are some things that you think are definitely "a man's job."

Ugh, hubby just called...I guess I'm going to get my tires changed.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What I Have Been Up To

I have been neglecting you for a very long time.  It's funny because I started this blog to help me "rediscover myself" by trying to define my new identity out-loud (or in writing) with you, my readers.  But, the funny part is that the ambiguity of my blog caused me to take a break from writing to sort out my blogging identity. haha! It all seems very silly really.  Ultimately, I have decided that my uncertainty in all of this has been rather unnecessary.  The fact that I am trying to determine my new "place" in life really is what defines me.  So, I guess I have found my temporary identity:
I am a "blogger having an identity crisis." ha! :)

Professional Life
Now that we have determined that, I guess I will tell you everything that I have been up to.  I have been smack in the middle of the long post-college interview process with a few companies.  I am applying to Retail Management Training Programs.  I am excited about it, and think that it's a position I would do really well in.  I am amazed at how long the application process really is. While I was a student all I did was apply, interview, and then I either had the job or I didn't.  Now I do a pre-screen questionnaire, interview, post-screen test, second interview, receive an offer, accept the offer or negotiate, and basically it takes forever!  I am having a great experience though and things are going very well.  I have also joined the BYU Recent Graduate Alumni board and I am having a blast being involved with that.  We plan and implement activities like Professional Networking Luncheons, social/culturalal events, lecture series, and it is so fun!  I have also started running my Mary Kay business again, which has been tons of fun.  I love the positive influence that Mary Kay has on my life.  If you are interested, you are welcome to visit my website here.  I have been thinking a lot about the Mary Kay Foundation, which is a charity that gives tons of grants to help research cancers that affect women and to help fight against domestic violence.  I am totally interested in both of these causes, and I think I will start a fundraiser soon.

Personal Life
I have been having a blast celebrating birthdays lately.  My brother's was last weekend and my husbands is next weekend.  I have planned something I am really excited about for next weekend but I can't tell you yet.  It is a surprise and I have no idea if my hubby reads this blog or not.  I don't think he does, but just in case!  Other than birthdays, we are also celebrating marriages! We are going to my cousin's wedding this week.  In addition to birthdays and weddings, we have just been loving the game nights that we have every week with our friends.  It is such a blast getting together with other couple's for games.  It's also entertaining to see how each of us interacts with our spouse when the competition gets tough!  Soon we will be celebrating a year of marriage! Holy cow that went by fast! So that is a very summarized version of what I have been up to.

I'm not going to lie, I have missed blogging and tweeting like crazy!  If you read this, please comment and say hello :)  I hope to be delivering some blog posts with substance very soon.