Sunday, August 23, 2009

Time Traveler's Wife

I can't imagine what it would be like to have the love of your life slip in and out of your life all of the time, leaving you to just wait. When your husband is a "time traveler," that is exactly what happens. I went to see a matinee of The Time Traveler's Wife with my mother- and sisters-in-law Saturday. As you know, I love going to movies! It is very unusual that I have been able to go see so many recently (Julie & Julia a couple of weeks ago, and G.I. Joe with hubby earlier this week). When I saw the preview for this movie I was very intrigued and knew it was something I was interested in seeing. I hadn't read any of the reviews before I saw the movie, but now that I am looking at what Rotten Tomatoe's says I am shocked to see only a 36% rating. Obviously there are some people who didn't like the movie, but I actually really liked it. It brought all four of us girls to tears by the end, be sure to bring some kleenex! I would recommend this movie for two reasons: (1) the concept of "time traveling" is something every person has been interested in at one point in their lives; and (2) it teaches you some good life lessons-- you can't change the past, and knowing you will see your spouse again brings a lot of hope.

Time Traveler's Wife is based on a novel. The 1 hour 47 minute flick seemed a little long at one point, but I overall think the time was filled very well. Mostly it was filled well because of the different scenarios in which being a "time traveler" was both a blessing and a curse. It would show him traveling backward and even forward in time. I was really surprised at what happened when he traveled, unlike any other time traveling I've seen in movies his clothes would not travel with him! Therefore, you see a lot of butt in this movie.

The movie included a great life lesson showing that he could see people in his life (past and future), but never change what had happened or was meant to happen. That's just how life is! Don't get me wrong, I totally believe that you can make decisions every day that determine a lot of your future. However, I thought it was a little more believable knowing that this time traveler couldn't change things.

As much as I can't imagine having my husband slip in and out all of the time, it was really sweet seeing how she had so much hope knowing that she would see him again in only a matter of time. It made me think about life after death, I know that I will be with my husband again. This knowledge comes from my testimony that "families can be together forever," which I gain through my religion.

Ultimately, The Time Traveler's Wife is a great flick for the ladies. It lets your imagination wander as you see the "time traveling" experience. You will be uplifted (and probably a little teary) by the messages within the story. I hope that you enjoy the movie, too. When you see it, come back and tell me what you thought! If you have already seen it, I'd love to hear your opinion (even if you disagree)!

P.S. I have some good news, I have already lost 3 lbs since I wrote this post!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Just Wanted to Feel Pretty

This morning I woke up and went to the bathroom, and brushed my teethe. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a scale. I thought to myself, "I haven't weighed myself in about a month I should see where I'm at." Over the last two weeks I have been really feeling like I was gaining weight. So I did it, I got on the scale and learned that I had gained 11 pounds in one month! Not only that, but the last time I weighed myself I had gained some weight. It was nothing to make me really concerned at the time, but now it adds up to about 18 pounds in about three months. Psh, whaaaaaaaat!?! I have never gained that much weight so quickly.

The last two weeks I have been working on a construction job. I know you're thinking, "But she has been pulling wallpaper off the walls, painting, pulling up carpet, and doing other active things during her long--sometimes 12 hour--work days." Yes, it's true I have been fairly active. However, what do construction guys eat throughout the day to keep their energy up? They eat cookies, and chocolate! Plus, on top of that I have been drinking Dr. Pepper way more than usual too. The last two weeks my sugar intake just got way out of control. It's like once I started I just couldn't stop! Oh that's not all though, we've also been staying in a hotel near the job site which means we eat out every meal! Ultimately, the whole situation is a lethal combination.

The sad news motivated me to pay closer attention, so I decided to start tracking my food on Livestrong again. I'm at my in-law's home for the weekend, we have a few days off of work. I knew that I needed to choose the non-sugar cereal, and watch portion size. I began frantically looking around the kitchen, "where in the world are the measuring cups?!" I finally just guessed what 1 cup was. That is supposed to fill me up? Then I went to get the milk, they only have 2% which adds some extra calories. I started pouring it into my bowl of cereal and some it spilled out so I had to go get a rag to clean up my mess. Overall, this fresh start with breakfast was starting to be a lot of work. That's just how it goes though, getting started on something new always takes a little more effort. At least cinnamon is a spice that boosts the metabolism, I was grateful to have it on my breakfast.

Needless to say, I was feeling really ugly this morning after all of that. Especially since I was wearing work clothes, little make-up, and dirty hair (from the construction site) all week. Here's a picture of me working (with hubby working behind me).

Today I just wanted to feel like I was still pretty. So I curled my hair, chose a cute outfit, and put a smile on my face.

I feel so much better now! Thank goodness for that, it gave me hope! I typically wouldn't announce something as embarrassing as my unusually dramatic weight gain on my blog. But I figured, I'm probably not the only one this has happened to. I've seen a couple of friends gain weight in their first year of marriage, however, most of my friends still look amazing. Besides that, when I tell you about it then I will kind of be accountable to you. I'm confident I can get the 11 off almost as fast as it came on, just by cutting out the cookies and Dr. Pepper. Hopefully I will have happy news to report back soon!

Do you think it's common to gain weight in your first year of marriage? How do you keep your weight in check?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Texting Typos

Have you ever sent a text without rereading it to check for errors, only to find later that you really messed up? Today I was texting my mother-in-law, she had just gotten a cortisone shot yesterday. I was asking how she was feeling and if she thought the shot would work. Suddenly I got a text back from her, asking if it was Ana Lee texting. I was thinking to myself, "of course it is, who else would it be?" Then I saw the text I had accidentally sent her. It said, "Do you think the sh*t will work?" NOT do you think the shOt will work?. Oh man, oh man! I never swear so it was a little shocking to my poor mother-in-law. She was completely understanding--and it could have been worse--but I was still embarrassed!

The funny thing is, this has happened to me a few times before! One time I was texting a guy to tell him I would be over in a "sec" and it turned into "sex." Geez! I sent texts to correct that so quickly!

Sometimes texting typos can be so awkward. Have you had any personal experiences with this kind of thing? Or am I the only moron that doesn't check before sending?

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Julie & Julia

I went to see Julie & Julia with my mother this afternoon.  Going to movies is like a tradition in my family.  It's one of those things I can't miss out on when I come home to visit.  Mom picked the movie, I hadn't even seen the preview for it before we went.  But I was very happy with the selection.  It is not a chick flick that every girl would enjoy, but it will especially appeal to women that are wives, bloggers, or cooks.

As a married woman and college graduate who loves to blog, I could totally relate to some parts of the movie.  I loved how Julie's husband helped motivate her to write the blog.  He was so encouraging and proud of her for accomplishing her goal in addition to working full time and being a wife.  I could related to the process of her blog growth.  At first you just start writing for yourself to get things out there.  Then you start wondering if anyone is actually reading it.  Your first comment is super exciting and motivating.  Then you just keep going and it grows from there!  I love blogging, I love the blogging community and it made me happy watching her find happiness in it.  I also enjoyed the interactions between Julie and her husband, it reminded me somewhat of my marriage.  They were so adorable and loving.  At first he was very supportive, followed by being annoyed, and then he was loving again.  The movie was just easy to connect with.

However, I never expected a movie could be made about a blog.  I only think this one was successful is because it incorporated two true stories.  Julie, the blogger, was fun.  But the story of Julia Childs is really amazing, especially if you like to cook.  It is neat to learn her story, and I thought it was very cool she went to Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy.

Ultimately, Julie & Julie is a very fun feel-good movie.  It's not being added to my favorites list by any means.  But I enjoyed the laughs I got out of it, and the connections I felt.

Have you seen it?  Tell me what you think!  If you go and see it, come back and tell me what you think.  I'm really interested in your opinion.


My hubby called tonight very nervous and excited to ask me something.  After a pause, he asked me if he could spend half of our 1 Year Anniversary budget on an event (which is still undisclosed) that he is fully confident I would love.  His question then made me both nervous and excited!

Of course I was nervous because he was asking to use half of the money we were planning on spending.  That would leave only half for the potential hotel or dinner costs.  We only decided on our budget last week while driving home from our Moab, UT trip.  I initially expected the hotel to be the majority of our cost for our anniversary.

However, excitement rushed through me because I can't wait to have something to look forward to!  I started attempting to brainstorm with hubby weeks ago.  We will be celebrating our first year together in early November.  I know many people don't plan nearly that far in advanced, and that we still have plenty of time.  Nonetheless, half of the fun of great events is the planning and anticipation!  Remember anticipating things like your first date, graduating, going to college, and getting married?  Anticipation is a key ingredient to help keep things fun and exciting!

I think that sometimes we forget how important it is to give ourselves something to look forward to.  Life isn't always fun, it is frequently exhausting and sometimes overwhelming.  Having something to look forward to is motivating, and even helps relieve stress.  Even if you don't have anything coming up, existing special occasions aren't requirements for planning something.  Often simply planning in advanced is what makes the occasion special, because the excitement builds up.   It is so easy to neglect the "anticipation factor," especially because life is busy!  I think that making a point to continue dating even after getting married, and planning a few special things every now and then has a huge positive impact on relationships.  Knowing that my husband is thinking about our celebration three months out makes it feel extra special.  Thinking about going to a fun event is making my face light up.  My heart is beating faster because I can't wait to plan the rest of the details with him.  Ultimately, the anticipation of it all is making me feel closer to my hubby.  

Do you think anticipation helps things become more special, meaningful, or romantic?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The (Good) Little Things

The little things always add up after a while, even the good ones. Yesterday you learned about how the bad little things were affecting me, and today I want to tell you about the good ones. My husband is so romantic sometimes. For example: I love to travel and I had been dying to go on a mini-vaca, so for my birthday he planned a surprise road trip for me! He secretly plotted how he was going to get me out of work, pack my bags, sneak me out of town (I seriously didn't know until we started heading the "wrong direction" on the freeway), and all of the fun things to go with it. The fun things included a nice hotel in Vegas, accompanied by a fabulous birthday dinner and show. Then he surprised me again when the road trip continued down to California to see one of my best friends. I am still blown away that he planned that whole surprise trip a month in advance and I didn't even know until we were on it! Ok, so that is not a little thing...I know that! It's a big thing! I still have no idea what I am going to do for his October birthday (any tip is welcomed). But, the big romantic things my husband does are not what I wanted to talk about.

I want to talk about the little romantic things. My husband is in Seattle right now with his family, while I am here in Boise spending some time with my family until Saturday when I fly up to meet him. Last night as I was laying in bed, I received a text message informing me hubby had emailed me. So I checked my email and found this:

He had found the DoodleBuddy app on his iPhone and made me something special. My heart melted, I thought it was so great. I love the little things that make you feel important, special, and loved. I wanted him to feel the same way I did, so I downloaded the app and played around myself. This is what I send him (the picture is from when he proposed):

I am so grateful for the good little things in my marriage, and other relationships. What are some of the favorite little things in your life?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Discouraged, Determined, Devoted

I guess I'm not a very devoted blogger yet because I still haven't gotten to the point where I will blog from my mobile device while I am on vacation, haha. If you follow me on Twitter (@newlyidentified) then you know exactly what I have been up to for the last two weeks, traveling with my family and then traveling again with my husband's family. I seem to have no problem taking a few seconds to update you in 140 characters or less on Twitter. I may have to convert to blogging-on-the-go because next month is crazy, too. While I haven't been writing blogs, I've been thinking a lot about something important I have been learning recently. I've never really blogged about a personal lesson I'm in the middle of learning. But I have decided to, because that is the whole reason I started this blog. I wanted a place to share the things I was learning, and hopefully receive support from you, as I become "newlyidentified."

After writing my last post, hubby and I finished up our last day of working together (see this post). Following work, we went to spend time with his mother who was in town. Our time was spent having lunch and enjoying shopping at Tai Pan Trading Company, a wholesale home decor store, which I absolutely love. Hubby helped me pick some great things for our home. Later, hubby and I headed back home for a BBQ with our neighbors since it was a holiday. Then after eating we went out to watch the celebratory firework show! I absolutely love fireworks, and we had a great time with our fun friends!

My story really begins on Saturday morning, the 25th, when hubby and I woke up early and he drove me to the airport to catch my 7AM flight home to Boise. I had originally planned to fly out in the afternoon so I could spend a few days at home (once your married any days home are hard to come by), but an unexpected change in my family's plans led me to leave sooner. Hubby was not happy about that. I think partly because he's not a huge fan of spontaneity? Maybe he felt a little left out? He had responsibilities keeping him home.

That day I could tell that he wasn't happy with me, or the situation (leaving he and Mom #2 earlier than planned), or something. Even though he was playing it off really well, it was obvious to me that something wasn't right. I haven't been married that long--only 9 months on Saturday--but I know my husband well enough to read his signals. I arrived in Boise by 8AM but was only there a few hours before Mom, my brother and I left for a road trip across the whole Northwest. Our first stop was Portland, OR and then over the next few days we visited Seattle, WA and Northern Idaho. We even did a little afternoon trip across the Canadian border and back. Canada has some great candy not sold in the U.S. and it made the trip totally worth it! Meanwhile, as each day passed I started to feel more distance between my husband and I. Even though we were being cordial in our conversations, I wasn't very happy with the mediocrity and I felt like we were losing our closeness.

I finally made it back home to him a few days later. I had gotten a ride back to Utah with family. Hubby was supposed to come pick me up from their relative's house when we got to town, but due to a miscommunication he was a little late. Unfortunately, that killed my buzz of excitement that I had anticipating seeing him again. It was just little things that were happening.

The next day we left on our own little road trip to Moab, UT for his family reunion. We had a great time! We laid out by the pool, went swimming, went on a boat ride, and just had fun with family. However, I felt we were just dealing with each other rather than really enjoying one another. In addition, I was witnessing other couples getting stressed and frustrated with each other occasionally (lots of traveling plus heat didn't help them). I was beginning to feel extremely discouraged about marriage! Had I hit the point in my marriage where the "honeymoon's over" and now we just deal with each other!? After the reunion, when we made it back home I finally got up the courage to tell him how I was feeling. He didn't really respond to my plea very much at first. I wrote a desperate tweet, "I'm very discouraged. I poured my heart out and was left humiliated and alone." I was feeling horrible knowing in that moment we were settling with being just kind of happy instead of super happy. The next day continued, and again it wasn't a bad just wasn't as good as it could be and I didn't want to settle anymore.

Finally, the that night I got up the courage to wear my heart on my sleeve again. I was determined to get him to do the same so that we could have a real conversation and understand each other. He finally opened up expressing his feelings, and we began to close the gap that had grown between us. Obviously, there is more to the both sides of the story than I shared. Nonetheless, I'm glad it wasn't a bigger issue because it was resolved early.

What I am in the middle of learning now, is that just because you were super happy yesterday it doesn't mean that you are going to automatically be super happy tomorrow. I was really confused over the last two weeks while going through this minor situation, because hubby and I had been really happy the last few months. I didn't understand how we had regressed. It wasn't even like things were that bad, they just weren't as great as they could have been and I didn't want to just be ok with that. As each day passed, I became more frustrated with the mediocrity that was slowly creeping into our marriage. Then finally I realized, duh...once you achieve "super happy" you have to continue to make that decision every day. You each have to be devoted to the selflessness, the conversations, the patience, the sense of humor, and the spouse that help you achieve that goal daily. I'm glad I started figuring it out while we were just kind of happy, rather than waiting until we weren't even happy anymore and wondering what in the world had happened. Finding the courage to speak the feelings that were making me scream inside was worth it.

Have you noticed cycles in your marriage, or other relationships? I am pleased to inform you, that not only are we super happy again...we are the happiest we have been so far!