Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lifestyle Bloggers

A few years ago I started learning more about internet marketing through this wonderful thing called, "The Thirty Day Challenge." That is where I learned all about using Twitter, Digg, Technorati, and other useful tools to generate attention. I learned about this years ago, but never really started using Twitter actively until recently. The concept of internet marketing and lifestyle blogging really appeals to me. I love reading lifestyle blogs, and if I had a great product I would totally use internet marketing. I have been tempted to be more involved in such tools lately.

Recently, I have been reading my friend Jennifer's blog BabyMakinMachine. I know her in real life, which makes her blog fun to read. She isn't making any babies yet, haha. Her blog is mostly about her life experience pre-baby, and the things she is doing to prepare. It's fun to get a taste of her humor. But also, it has been fun to watch her utilize all of these types of tools to generate more followers and give her blog more attention. Watching her has motivated me to be more proactive with this blog, because that is really why I created it.

I started this blog, Newlyidentified, because when I first got married and other major life changes were approaching I was uneasy. I wanted to have a place to talk about things I was going through, and challenges I was facing. I wanted to have a place to bounce ideas off of other people, and hear of others who were experiencing or had experienced similar things. To me, this blog is all about the phases in life that you go through that force you to re-identify your role. Right now, I am trying to redefine my role as a new wife, a future mother, a potential career woman, and the same loyal friend I have always been. I'm seeking to find other blog readers and writers who are also in a similar phase in their life...or those who are just interested in reading and commenting. Is anyone out there...?

Dear Newlyidentified Blog,

I have not advertised you, so not many have found you. Right now it is still quiet in here. I am contemplating going full force, so that you will get more attention. But, I have not determined how honest I will be as I write in you. I want a place to share my experiences. Still, I don't really want to blend my personal blog with my lifestyle blog too much. (Is there a way to keep both blogs public but not have them connect to each other through my profile?) I'm not sure where to take you yet. I think that you have potential... We will see.

Ana Lee

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