Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Women's Expo--Just For Women

I went to a Women's Expo over the weekend with my sister-in-law. We had so much fun! I had no idea how many great booths there would be, I could have spent not only all day Saturday there but all day Friday also!

We jumped right in shopping at the Shade Clothing area first. They were selling everything for $5 and then shorts and capris were $3! Can you believe that!? I was totally excited because they sell really cute modest shirts that I love. I got one shirt, and some black bikini bottoms to wear with all of the tankini tops I already have. I felt very good about that purchase.

As we came inside, we saw a row full of vendors lining each side. We started walking through and briefly talking to each one. Some of the vendors were boutique types, selling cute things. I saw a hat I really loved, but it was $18 and I didn't things that was a killer deal so I opted out of that one.

I did, however, get some Bumble & Bumble hair powder from a salon that was there. Have you ever tried that stuff? It is awesome, it is tinted to match the color of your hair and all you do is spray it in your roots to help you last through your second day hair. Washing your hair every other day helps (especially long hair) stay healthy.

While standing at one booth with my sister-in-law, I looked over at the next booth and read, "Do you want a free ring cleaning?" I thought to myself, heck yeah I want a free ring clean! I gave walked over and gave the lady my ring. She showed me how she polished it to get rid of all of the oxidation and black grime that collects on all jewelry. I was amazed how much black came off my ring because I clean it at home. Then she cleaned it with her product and a toothbrush. When she handed it back to me I couldn't believe how beautiful my ring looked! It was brand new like the day hubby gave it to me. So of course I bought some of that stuff too! haha. It's called "Something New Professional Jewelry Cleaner."

This is the part of my blog that is a little more "adult." One of the other fun things I came across was a "Pure Romance" consultant. "Pure Romance" is a company that features tasteful things for the bedroom for you and your hubby. I was impressed with this company--especially compared to another that I saw--because it was very tasteful and had a classy appeal. Micah, the consultant, was very friendly and fun. She had two catalogs: one mild, and one not. I took the mild catalog, and on it were classy women dressed like everyday wives. The inside of the catalog was nice and bright, and visually looked a lot like a Mary Kay catalog would. It made me feel comfortable about it, and I thought it would be fun to host a girls night for all of my married girlfriends. So I booked an appointment, and got a gift! If you want to see Micah's website because you're curious, or you want make an order that will help me earn more free stuff send me an email newlyidentified[at]gmail. I will send you an E-vite. But be mindful, although most things are...not everything on the site is mild.

There were tons of other things there. I won a free cellulite/skin tightening treatment from Elase Medical Spa, woo! I also got a coupon to use for facials at Aveda's Remedez Salon & Spa. I totally want to get my husband a facial and a massage for his birthday, I think he would really enjoy being pampered. I learned that there you can have personal trainers come to your house. I learned about PureWorks which is a really awesome hand/everything sanitizer that does not use alcohol and protects your for 3 hours after application. He even put it on my sister-in-law's baby's binky and she had it in her mouth right afterwards. I learned about this really cool thing called the Belly Button, I've heard about it before but had never seen one. It basically is a band you can wear with your jeans to make them fit throughout your whole pregnancy and after so you don't have to buy maternity clothes, very cool! I saw Scentsy, a soy based candle company, and Pampered Chef there.

I also talked to several different food storage companies. I have kind of started a small food storage for my hubby and I, but I'm interested in adding a few more things. I think it would be a really great thing to have just in case times ever get tough or there is some sort of disaster.

Speaking of food, one of my favorite vendors was Winder Farms. They are a company that delivers fresh food to your house weekly. They get everything local, except of course exotic fruits etc., and everything is organic and non-processed. Hubby and I are really interested in the idea of eating better, plus Winder Farms says their customers actually save money often. The way it works is you pay a one-time membership fee (kind of like costco, except it isn't annual it's lifetime) and then you can go on their website and order direct. If you ever get a bruised apple, or a pot pie that you don't like all you have to do is call them and tell them then they will refund you. Cool huh?! I think we are going to try it out.

I was also impressed with Dream Dinners, where you go and put dinners together that you can keep in your freezer than just cook when you want them. Talk about easy dinner!

I finally got my very first "green" grocery bag, free from the Sunflower Market. They are an organic friendly grocery store. I was super excited because this month students get 20% off their groceries on Thursdays, woo hoo! I'm glad my hubby is still a student, haha.

Lastly, one of my other favorite vendors was a Heritage Makers consultant. I had heard of them before, but had not really had time to look into it too much. I was excited to learn a little bit more about making your own photobooks, custom canvas and other prints, and having access to all sorts of great online scrapbooking tools. I made a photobook for our wedding guest book and just love it! I would love to put more pictures into photobooks, so this is something I am thinking about getting into.

Ultimately, I had a fantastic time at the Women's Expo! I loved learning about so many different things, sampling great products, and of course winning free stuff! Have you ever been to a women's expo? Of the things I told you about, what is your favorite?


  1. Wow that must've been super fun! I'm jealous.

    By the way, I nominated you for an award. You can check it out on my blog :]

  2. It sounds like you had a great time! I have never been interested in my local Women's Expo, but now I am. Will definitely be checking it out next year!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I didn't get to walk the show really and it looks like I missed some great stuff. I love your blog by the way.


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