Friday, September 4, 2009

Personality Types

Growing up in my generation--where woman are significantly more empowered than my mother's generation and especially more than my grandmother's generation--sometimes it is really hard for me to let my husband be a great leader. We are both born leaders, grew up thriving on leadership positions and opportunities like Student Council etc. Anyone who has the slightest bit of knowledge about personality types from The Color Code knows that red personalities (dominant, leader type) can really butt heads if they are not careful. We are both red personalities, but luckily we are really careful and considerate of each other.

My hubby and I really admire each others' talents, ambitions, and drive. But occasionally, we can be slightly competitive. When he asks if I will do something that I was already planning on doing, I have been found getting offended or flustered because I didn't want to be told to do something I was already going to be doing. When I was a teenager all of my friends use to call me on Friday to find out what the plans were, they nicknamed me "the coordinator." I loved being the person that everyone turned to for direction. For me, I almost feel that I will not receive recognition or credit for something I have done if hubby told me to do it. Therefore, I get flustered because as a red personality I love coming up with the ideas being praised when I perform well!

On the other hand, I am also very sensitive, loyal, and compassionate. I know I am 43% red but I can't remember what my secondary is (maybe blue?)...I have the test somewhere I'll have to look for it. Anyway, throughout my life my dad has always told me that I am unique because I'm both a leader and sensitive/people pleaser. I am genuinely interested in others, and have always been very loyal. It's definitely my sensitive side that contributes to my reactions with others sometimes. How silly for me to feel like I'm being undermined because hubby and I both came up with the same great idea? So silly! haha. Nonetheless, it is amazing to me how much you can begin to understand yourself and other people in your life better by simply understanding how they tick because of their personality type. I think the whole concept is very intriguing, and I love using that understanding to capitalize on my strengths and my hubby's.

Have you ever taken any type of personality test (if not click on the color code link and take it)? What were your results like? Have you seen ways that understanding different personality types has helped you be more effective in your relationships with other people? I'm very curious!

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  1. I am a red as well! Does this mean we will butt heads? Just kidding:)

  2. Turns out I'm a blue. I posted my results on my blog ...

  3. I'm White- The "Peacemaker". I made a post on my blog. And I mentioned in it that I copied you haha. :]


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