Friday, August 7, 2009


My hubby called tonight very nervous and excited to ask me something.  After a pause, he asked me if he could spend half of our 1 Year Anniversary budget on an event (which is still undisclosed) that he is fully confident I would love.  His question then made me both nervous and excited!

Of course I was nervous because he was asking to use half of the money we were planning on spending.  That would leave only half for the potential hotel or dinner costs.  We only decided on our budget last week while driving home from our Moab, UT trip.  I initially expected the hotel to be the majority of our cost for our anniversary.

However, excitement rushed through me because I can't wait to have something to look forward to!  I started attempting to brainstorm with hubby weeks ago.  We will be celebrating our first year together in early November.  I know many people don't plan nearly that far in advanced, and that we still have plenty of time.  Nonetheless, half of the fun of great events is the planning and anticipation!  Remember anticipating things like your first date, graduating, going to college, and getting married?  Anticipation is a key ingredient to help keep things fun and exciting!

I think that sometimes we forget how important it is to give ourselves something to look forward to.  Life isn't always fun, it is frequently exhausting and sometimes overwhelming.  Having something to look forward to is motivating, and even helps relieve stress.  Even if you don't have anything coming up, existing special occasions aren't requirements for planning something.  Often simply planning in advanced is what makes the occasion special, because the excitement builds up.   It is so easy to neglect the "anticipation factor," especially because life is busy!  I think that making a point to continue dating even after getting married, and planning a few special things every now and then has a huge positive impact on relationships.  Knowing that my husband is thinking about our celebration three months out makes it feel extra special.  Thinking about going to a fun event is making my face light up.  My heart is beating faster because I can't wait to plan the rest of the details with him.  Ultimately, the anticipation of it all is making me feel closer to my hubby.  

Do you think anticipation helps things become more special, meaningful, or romantic?

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  1. Oh how fun. My advice. Do. NOt. LOSE. that.


    don't...or your dead in the water :) especially if/ when you decide kids r in the pic

    enjoy married life.. I think anticipation in all formats keeps it real.

    I think your blog is so sweet. I love it.


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